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Greenfield Volunteer Organization (GVO)

Greenfield Volunteer Organization (GVO)

The Greenfield Volunteer Organization (GVO) is a group of volunteers who give their time to help the school in any way possible. We strive to enhance the educational experience of all our children by supporting the students and faculty through fundraising efforts that aid in providing additional equipment, special projects, and services. Our fundraising revenue helps supplement the school budget. The students, teachers, and entire Greenfield family benefits from the GVO. When Parents are involved in their children’s education, they do better in school. When parents are involved in school, children go farther in school and the schools they attend are better all around. We are our children’s most important advocate.

GVO News!!


The GVO has kicked off their Annual Membership Drive! The membership drive will be held August 29th - September 15th. Those who join the GVO at the "Patron" level before September 15th will be entered in to a drawing for a chance to win a $500 tuition credit! The winner will be announced on September 15th. The GVO Membership Form can be found below.



If you missed us at Back to School Knight and/or didn't receive a copy of our GVO Welcome Packet, you can access the information below. This packet contains information about the GVO Officers, Committee Chairs, Committees, Grade Parents, Volunteer Opportunities, Meeting Dates and more!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at our new email address:!!




2016-2017 GVO Officers

Kelly Coolbaugh


Julieanne Thomas

Vice President

Wendy Scott

Membership/Grade Parent Coordinator

Wendy Achilles

Secretary/Communications Coordinator


2016-2017 GVO Committee Chairmen

Lisa Lewin

Arts Alliance

Suzette Gibson

Back to School Helping Hands

Marinda Castete

Box Tops for Education

Kelly Coolbaugh

Fall Family/Grandparents Night

Pam Dew


Volunteer Opportunity

Grounds Beautification

Becky Beddingfield

Library-Book Fair

Joanna Ross

Teacher Appreciation

Volunteer Opportunity

Upper School Awards Night