Greenfield Gallery of Gratitude

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A compilation of accolades we are receiving from parents regarding Greenfield's response to remote distance learning instruction and community engagement as well as a place for students and parents to show their appreciation and support for our faculty and staff during the coronavirus pandemic! Share your experience with us!
"As a past parent and parent of 2 current Seniors at Greenfield now I want to express my gratitude for all that Greenfield has meant to our family over the last 22 years. Ending our time at Greenfield this year during the Pandemic has been disappointing but I can say without a doubt Greenfield School was on top of the situation and had our students distance learning so quick! It was amazing to see my 2 boys adapt so well! Greenfield has gone above and beyond with their efforts to make these Seniors feel special too. To come home and see their signs (the first ones I saw anywhere) was GREAT! I have said so many times over the years that Greenfield is the reason my older 2 children did very well in college and I know without a doubt it is the strong foundation Greenfield has provided them. Though our time at Greenfield is ending our family will always be grateful and continue our support of this wonderful school. I would most certainly choose Greenfield over and over again for the education of my children!"...Charlotte Vick, past parent and Board of Trustee member.
We are missing every one of you! Even though we don't see you, we know that you are working hard, just as the students, to complete the year strong! We look forward to the day that we all can be back together. Thank you for all that you do to make Greenfield what it is. It's much more than a's a spirit and a family...Mr. and Mrs. John Lee Family

I just wanted to reach out to you to say what a wonderful job I think the administration and teachers did during this difficult and unprecedented time.  I was very worried that our daughter would not get the same quality education while working from home but her teachers have definitely proved me wrong.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  They have not only provided the instruction for each of their respected subjects but have also been motivators.  While most of these students have been homebound and have lost a sense of normalcy; these teachers have been the smiling faces and  motivational speakers each day.  I know that this was a very difficult time for the GFS staff and as a parent, I just want to say “Thank you”!  Mrs. Jennie Holland, parent to rising 10th grade student

I just want to thank the leadership of Greenfield and the wonderful teachers that we have at our school for being so organized about the online learning. I felt like my 7th grade daughter, did not miss a beat in her education. It was a smooth, quick process when we converted to online learning and I am so thankful that my child was at Greenfield school during this unprecedented time. I felt completely confident in what our daughter was learning and I know how hard the students and the teachers have worked to make this year successful. I could not be more proud to be a part of Greenfield School and I cannot express my gratitude enough for Mrs. Peter's leadership and her team! My heart goes out to the seniors and the parents of seniors this year, congratulations to the class of 2020!  Mrs. Stephanie Smith, parent to rising 8th grade student