Head of School Search

The Head of School of Greenfield School will be tasked with overseeing a vibrant
academic community that aims to provide each student with the foundation to achieve
their maximum potential. The Head of School will be responsible for ascribing to our
mission of cultivating and nurturing students in academic, social, physical, and moral
aspects of their development through formative years. Ensuring high levels of
scholarship within a framework of a multifaceted program will be an integral part of
the Head of School’s job. The Head of School will be a steward of the vision of
Greenfield School among the students, families, teachers, administrative staff, and
community of Wilson. The Head of School will serve as a strong advocate for
Greenfield and will be instrumental in implementing a strategic plan for the future of
our school.
Direct all applications, nominations, and inquiries to careers@greenfieldschool.org