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The Greenfield School curriculum is updated frequently to include new teaching methods while retaining those that have proved valuable. Teachers are encouraged to exercise their judgment and imagination in order to provide a stimulating class atmosphere. The academic program gives important consideration to each child’s capabilities and limitations, standards for each grade level are outlined and maintained. The academic goal is a structured program aimed at giving a solid foundation in the core subjects. Greenfield School is divided into four departments – preschool, kindergarten/lower school, middle school, and upper school.

Grading Scale (Grades 1 – 12)
Greenfield School grades are based on the following system:

100 A+
93–99 A      Exceptional work: neat, prompt, thorough, accurate to a    high degree; shows
90–92 A–    initiative, intellectual curiosity and comprehensive grasp of concepts.

87–89 B+
83–86 B      Good work: neat, prompt, shows initiative and thorough understanding of
80–82 B–    subject.

77–79 C+
73–76 C     Average work: neat, prompt, indicates satisfactory fulfillment of day–to–day
70–72 C–   requirements.

68–69 D+
66–67 D    Passing work: day–to–day work irregular and not always satisfactory; has
  65    D–  difficulty with some aspects of the course content.

Below 65 Failing work: test results, class recitations below standard; content of the course not mastered.

Letter grading for conduct and specialty teachers (Grades 1-4):
S–Satisfactory N–Needs to Improve U–Unsatisfactory