Release Form
Current School Name
Current School Address
Student Name
Student Address
Files Requested

The above-named student is applying to Greenfield School for admission to Grade

We request copies of the following:

Transcripts of Elementary/Middle/High School grades, grading scale, and credits earned (explain grouping, honors courses, etc.)

Elementary/Middle/High School standardized test scores. Include PSAT, SAT and competency tests

Copy of most recent report card

Confidential Records (Psychological, Psychiatric, etc.)

Disciplinary Records (Behavior Problems, Suspension, etc.)

Health and Immunization Records

Opportunity to discuss student with the Guidance counselor, Principal, or other school personnel

Please send requested material directly to the attention of the Director of Advancement.

I give my permission for the personnel of (School Name) to comply with the above requests.

In addition, should my child enroll at Greenfield School. I give my permission for my child’s complete, updated records to be forwarded to Greenfield School at the end of the school year.