Current student, Will Powell, wins Beaman Scholarship Award

The recipient of the first Janet B Beaman Scholarship values hard work by being an active listener in class, by having good study habits, and by striving to make good grades in every class. A quote from the recipient is, “The opportunity to learn about every subject while never passing up an opportunity to learn something new, is a value I hold to strongly.”

One of the letters written about the recipient says, “This person is a very conscientious young person with a great heart. This person is intelligent, humorous, dependable and kind, quick to volunteer when needed, and a good leader among peers.”

Another letter writer states, “This person is everything that is good about Greenfield School, an outstanding student, on several sports teams and in several clubs, a young person of honor and substance, having the time and patience to help other students by boosting their confidence, and a young person who has already shown traits of leadership and good citizenship.”

It is with honor that I award the first Janet B Beaman Scholarship of 50% off tuition at Greenfield School for the next four years to Will Powell.

Greenfield School will be accepting applications for the new student scholarship award through July 1st.  Information and application can be found on our website under Admissions - Scholarship Opportunities.