Lower Grades Art Curriculum Overview: K-4th Grade

Art for Kindergarten through 4th grade is taught once a week and aims to meet students at their current level and help their skills grow. Our goals often overlap grade-level coursework, and we enjoy using various mediums.

• The Elements of Art: line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space are taught to all students, in varying ways and with different mediums and projects.

• The Principles of Design: contrast, balance, emphasis, unity, pattern, movement, and rhythm are featured more in-depth at the high school level.

• Students are not graded on talent; they are graded on work completed on time, following directions, and their understanding of the subject.

Middle Grades Art Curriculum Overview: 5th-8th Grade
Middle School art is an exploration of mediums and techniques. Students are introduced to media including pastels, watercolor, acrylic, and clay while creating projects designed to improve technique and build confidence. Students learn about classical and contemporary artists and movements, with projects often drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists throughout history. 
Upper Grades Art Curriculum Overview: 9th-12th Grade
Art I Course Description: This course is a foundational introduction to two-dimensional design and figure studies. It includes an overview of art world institutions and their relevance to understanding the artist’s role in the world today; the relationship between art history, art theory, and studio practice; and the development of a cohesive portfolio using practice and critique. 
Course Objectives: 
To introduce students to the vital relationship between art history, art criticism, and aesthetics to studio art production. 
To encourage students to conceive and articulate in writing and image ideas for their own creative work. 
To introduce students to some major movements and themes in traditional and contemporary art. 
To provide students with an operative understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art and Design. 
To demonstrate the presence and importance of art in our daily lives and its value as an interdisciplinary tool.
Art II Independent Study Description: 
This course is an intensive independent study class. Students will create a body of work with a consistent theme of their choice. Students must write a proposal for their theme and an idea of what mediums they want to work in. Students will sketch out their ideas and use the creative process to complete their artwork. The portfolio must have 6-10 pieces of artwork by the end of the year. Students must pace themselves to complete 1-2 works of art per 6 weeks.
Course Objectives: 
To develop a cohesive body of work of 6-10 pieces for a final portfolio. 
To encourage students to conceive and articulate in writing and image ideas for their own creative work. 
To allow students more freedom to decide their mediums and subject matter while employing their understanding of the elements and principles of design. 
To encourage students to gain inspiration from artists of the past and present.
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