Upper School

The Upper School consists of grades nine through twelve.

The philosophy of the Upper School program is to prepare students for admission to college and help students reach their full potential as productive members of society. Personal responsibility is fostered in a framework that allows for intellectual curiosity and the development of positive moral and social values.


The curriculum is designed to prepare students for college, both to meet college entrance requirements and to provide the study skills and core knowledge for success in college programs. Multiple Advanced Placement courses are offered on campus, and the curriculum is supplemented by the North Carolina Association of Independent School's partnership with Aventa Learning, which provides 140 additional online courses, such as Advanced Placement.

Units Program Area

The minimum requirements for graduation are twenty-four units including the following:

English - 4 units

Mathematics - 4 units

Social Studies (including World History I, World History II, or AP World History, U.S. History or AP U.S. History and Government/Economics) - 4 units

Science (through Chemistry) - 3 units

Foreign Language (in the same modern language) - 2 units

Health and Physical Education - 1 unit

Fine Arts - 1 unit

Computer Sciences - 1 unit

Additional units from among English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, or Foreign Language courses - 2 units

Electives - 3 units


Some electives are offered every year; others are offered according to student demand. The following is a list of elective courses that have been taught during the last several years:

Art I / Art II

Art Appreciation

Performance Music

College Awareness

College Preparation

Computer Systems Foundation

Creative Writing

Digital Design

Environmental Science


Film Appreciation

Forensic Science

Foundations of Leadership


Leadership Capstone Class

Music Appreciation


Public Speaking


Spanish III & IV

STEM Exploration



Advanced Placement Courses

Students who are prepared for rigorous coursework, which is successfully completed with an acceptable grade on the Advanced Placement examination, can achieve college credit or advanced placement in college. The following Advanced Placement courses have been offered over the last several years:



English Language

English Literature

Environmental Science


United States History

US Government & Politics

World History

Extra-Curricular Activities
Students are encouraged to become involved in school affairs beyond academic or athletic interests. The following organizations are open to student participation either by election or on a voluntary basis:
Chick-fil-A Leader Academy
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
National Honor Society
National Art Honor Society
Scholar Bowl
Science Olympiad
Student Government Association
Community Service
As part of their social and moral development students are encouraged to become involved in the affairs of their community. It is strongly believed that service to others is an important part of becoming a caring and responsible adult. In order to graduate from Greenfield School, each student must accumulate a minimum of ten hours of community service per year in the Upper School.
Upper School Summer Reading List
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Greenfield has implemented a new "Bring Your Own Device" requirement for all upper school students.  Please click on the document for more information.
Upper School Supply List