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Middle School


The Middle School program is designed to meet the needs of the preadolescent/adolescent child in grades five through eight as they become more independent workers and thinkers. As a result of the varying readiness of middle school age children, some classes are flexibly grouped according to student academic ability and social-emotional needs.

The academic program for grades five and six is largely influenced by the lower school approach to teaching and learning. In grades seven and eight, the organization pattern is more departmentalized, as the students make the transition to Upper School. 

Grade Five Curriculum Grade Six Curriculum
English English
Spelling Spelling
Reading Reading
Mathematics Mathematics
Integrated Science
Earth Science
American History Ancient Civilizations
Specialty Class courses include Art, Music, Physical Education, Library and Research Skills, Computer Skills, and Spanish.

Grade Seven Curriculum Grade Eight Curriculum
English English
Spelling/Vocabulary Reading
Reading Algebra 1/Algebra Concepts
Pre-Algebra Physical  Science
Life Science
World Geography
North Carolina History Spanish
Spanish Programming Skills
Computer Applications  
Additional Offerings include Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology Skills.



Students in grades seven and eight are encouraged to participate in various team competitions. All students in grades five through eight participate in the physical education program, which emphasizes basic skills, fitness, and coordination.

Special Activities

Students are given the opportunity to develop leadership and social skills through participation in community service projects, student government, scholar bowl, and various educational field trips.

Grading System

Parents receive mid-six week progress reports as well as report cards after every six-week grading period. Parent conferences are scheduled in the fall. Additionally, parents or teachers may initiate conferences as the need arises.

Hands on Science---Examples of class activities
This week (May 2, 2016) the 5th grade is learning about energy, both renewable energy like wind power and solar power, and non-renewable energy like natural gas and oil.  To learn more about how powerful the sun can be, we are making solar  cookers. 

The STEM twist is tying it into math and they are learning about parabolas and the focus of the parabola so they can focus the sun's energy on one spot, rather than making the boring classic pizza box solar cooker that takes 3 hours to do anything.  This one works fast and you make a s'more about every 2 minutes.    I thought it would be really cool to share it with the paper as a STEM activity (Science--learning about energy, T-technology-they researched how to build it and learned about solar panels, E-Engineering-they have to build it using a shoe box and aluminum foil, and M-Math-they are using math to figure out where the focus point is as  well as measuring the focus point (because it is visible) and they will  put their chocolate and marshmallow on the focus point to cook it.)