Guidance Counseling

Monthly Guidance Themes
Each month, we will focus on a specific theme that correlates with our mission to be the best and the brightest! Activities addressing this theme will be be directly taught in the classrooms, and emphasized and practiced throughout the month.


September: Self-Discipline- To control one’s actions and habits

October: Responsibility- To carry out your job carefully and completely

November: Citizenship- To have respect for your community

December: Caring- To show concern or sympathy for others

January: Cooperation-To work together in a positive way for a common purpose

February: Fairness- To treat others equally

March: Trustworthy- To be truthful and dependable

April: Perseverance- To keep trying despite difficulty

May: Adventurous- Willing to try new ideas things

5th and 6th Grade Weekly Guidance Activities

No Name-Calling Week
January 18th -22nd

Random Acts of Kindness Day
February 15th