Greenfield School runs a hot meal cafeteria program with a variety of meats, vegetables, and desserts. Sandwiches, salads or even a baked potato can be bought in lieu of the hot meal. Besides the hot meals we cook in our cafeteria we offer Pizza Hut Pizza every Wednesday on our menu. The menu is published on the FACTS family portal.


The goal of the Greenfield School Cafeteria is “To provide an environment that educates students about a healthy lifestyle and promotes physical and mental wellness.” Along with our hot meals and a la carte items, healthy lunch choices are offered on a daily basis at the Greenfield Café. Healthy choices include: turkey deli sandwich, grilled unbreaded chicken breast filet on bun, garden salad, grilled chicken salad, grilled chicken quesadilla, baked potato, baked chips, and fruit including seasonal fresh fruit.

The school lunch program runs on a debit account system. Every student buying food or beverages in the cafeteria will have to have a debit account, which is created through your FACTS account.


The cost of a small meal is $4.75 which includes a meat, vegetables and dessert/fruit. A large meal is $6.00 and includes an ½ extra serving of the meat entrée. Other items are available a la carte at a variety of prices for grades 7 - 12.

Parents/Guardians can add funds to a student’s debit account through their FACTS account, which shows on the account at once. Cash or checks can also be turned in to the receptionist in the main office. When the balance in a student’s account reaches $15, a parent/guardian will be notified that funds need to be replenished in the debit account through an email from their FACTS account. There must be sufficient funds in a student’s debit account to buy food or beverages. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and/or student to make sure sufficient funds are in the student’s account.

Parents/Guardians may obtain a student’s debit account balance and buying history online through their FACTS account.