Greenfield School operates a hot meal cafeteria program with a variety of menus. We cook hot meals in our cafeteria as well as offering Brewmasters Pizza, Pizza Hut Pizza, Chick-fil-A, Subway and Parker’s BBQ on our menu at times during each month
The goal of the Greenfield School Cafeteria is “To provide an environment that educates students about a healthy lifestyle and promotes physical and mental wellness”. This year we will continue to have a Healthy Choice Day every Thursday. On Healthy Choice Day all sandwiches will be served on a healthy bread option and French fries will not be available. Also, we will offer fresh fruit, fruit cups and healthy snack bars every day.

The school lunch program operates on a debit account system. Every student purchasing food or beverages in the cafeteria will be required to have a debit account, which will be created on their first day at Greenfield. Each student will be issued a personal identification number that will be used for food and beverage purchases.
The cost of a small meal is $4.25 which includes a meat, 2 vegetables and dessert.  A large meal is $5.50 and includes an extra serving of the meat entree.  Other items are available a la carte at a variety of prices for grades 7 - 12.

Parents/Guardians can add funds to a student’s debit account using our online EZPay system which can be accessed through our website. Cash or checks can also be deposited in the office with the Cafeteria Manager or the receptionist. When the balance in a student’s account reaches $15, a parent/guardian will be notified that funds need to be replenished in the debit account. There must be sufficient funds in a student’s debit account in order to purchase food or beverages without incurring an insufficient funds service charge. A negative account balance will automatically generate a $15 service charge. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and/or student to make sure sufficient funds are in the student’s account by the end of the school day.

Parents/Guardians may obtain a student’s debit account balance online through the EZPay website or upon request by telephone or email to the Cafeteria Manager. Any funds not used by the end of the school year automatically roll over to the next school year.