Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Amy Sullivan Watson, Class of 1999

I attended NCSU and received my undergraduate degrees in Biological Sciences and Botany. I continued my education at UNC-CH School of Dentistry. I received my DDS from UNC in 2006. After receiving my degree, I moved back to Wilson and began practicing with Dr. Walt Linville. Dr. Linville has since retired and I am now a solo practitioner. My husband, John (Class of 1998) and I have two children. Anna Ramsey is 10 and James is 6.

Greenfield helped prepare me for college by exposing me to advanced classes and setting high expectations. As a student-athlete at Greenfield, I was disciplined and had to manage my time wisely. This helped prepare me for essential time management in college. I was never overwhelmed by large class sizes at NC State. I felt very comfortable going to my professors if I had questions, thanks to the caring teachers at Greenfield.

Though I am far removed from being a high school senior, I have a few words of advice. Your senior year will go by so very fast, but try to enjoy it all. You are in the midst of such an incredible time in your lives. Savor the friendships you have. Relish a time void of so many responsibilities. Appreciate the hallowed walls of Greenfield School. The real world is fast approaching! As you are deciding on colleges and majors, step back and think about the career you want to have. That’s the ultimate goal, after all. Continue to work hard in all of your schoolwork, athletics and extra-curricular activities. It will help prepare you for a rigorous college class schedule. Finally, thank your parents. They have supported and sacrificed so much for you to be where you are now, and they will continue to do so in the future. Make them proud!