ExploraVision awards Greenfield students, Jame Thomas and Rickayla Myles

Greenfield School is pleased to announce James Thomas and Rickayla Myles were selected as the Regional Winners of the 27th annual ExploraVision program (www.exploravision.org), the largest K-12 science competition in the world.    Their invention, the ADHD Watch, will advance to the national phase of the competition, where participants will have a chance to win $10,000 U.S. Series EE Savings Bonds (at maturity) and other great prizes!  The ADHD watch delivers ADHD medication through a patch on the skin.  The watch uses a small current to deliver the medication at a steady rate so that the medication is effective all day long.  The watch will also turn off before bedtime and meals, so that the side effects of ADHD medication are lessened.  James and Rickayla, along with the students who received honorable mentions, will be honored later this month at an awards ceremony with a Toshiba representative. 

 Greenfield school was well represented, with several other teams earning honorable mentions.  

 4th Grade Honorable Mentions: 

Good Carnage: A protective suit to offer first responders head-to-toe protection that is thin enough to be worn under a uniform.  Ajay Genge, Landon Youssef, Zachary Long

Wrapping Spray: A spray on, biodegradable wrapping paper.  Beau Thomas, Joseph Bachelor, Aidan Minor, Ben Corbett


5th Grade Honorable Mentions: 

Collar Caller: A dog collar that monitors dog temperatures and helps keep them safe.  Grace Gibson and Lanyn Coolbaugh

Helping Hand: A glove that helps people with hand weakness.  Mary Michael McLamb, Camryn Wiggs, William Lanier

Tumor Bug: An implantable monitoring device for cancerous tumors that detects cell death and does imaging to determine how effective treatment is.  Lydia Denton, William Aycock, Noah Wright

Yardvark: An outdoor vacuum device designed to clean up the yard.  Frances Ross, Emily Barnes, Eliza Taylor


6th Grade Honorable Mentions: 

EZMove Boat: a Jon boat with wheels that doesn't require a trailer. Gabby Beddingfield and Davis Boyd.

The Balance Belt: A belt designed to help the elderly maintain balance using counterweights and altering the center of gravity.  Mattie Metts and Ollie Mann

AutisMaker: A virtual reality app that helps autistic children learn to communicate in a variety of situations.  Ella Barnes Boykin and George Batten