New Inductees selected for Class of 2020 Order of the Roundtable

The Order of the Roundtable honors individuals who have supported Greenfield with their gifts and service, and it is so important to take time to say “thank you” to those who have meant so much.  It is also important for us as a school community to come together and celebrate what our school stands for: Honor, Duty, Loyalty, and Tradition . . . and an education that delivers excellence and a joy of learning to our students.  We say with pride that Greenfield School offers and education that defines a lifetime.
The new members, who will be inducted at a later date, are as follows:

Mrs. Janet Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cozart

Dr. John Boddie Crudup, III

Mrs. Laura Leslie Crudup

Mr. John Davis

Mrs. Wortley Forbes

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gauss

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hackney

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hodge

Dr. Barton Gee Williams


We look forward to celebrating with them and other members of the Greenfield family in the near future and we will publish more information when it becomes available.