Greenfield School Announces Partnership with BioNetwork

Greenfield School is thrilled to announce an upcoming educational event in partnership with BioNetwork, set to take place on October 18th. BioNetwork is a renowned organization that seeks to engage learners and foster an interest in Biotechnology. This exciting initiative aims to provide our students with hands-on learning experiences and insights into the world of biotechnology.

We are honored to welcome BioNetwork to our campus, where two teachers will engage with students from various science classes. The confirmed classes for this educational event include two Chemistry classes, an AP Biology class, and the Forensics class. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of adding the 10th-grade Earth Science class.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

First Period (AP Biology): BioNetwork will conduct a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) with electrophoresis. This engaging activity involves DNA and aligns seamlessly with our curriculum. BioNetwork is generously providing college-level lab equipment for this hands-on lab, offering our students a unique opportunity for practical learning and potential photo opportunities.

Second and Third Periods (Chemistry): BioNetwork will lead an interactive lesson focusing on taste receptors, biomolecules, and molecules. The session will touch on topics such as acid/base reactions, providing our chemistry students with valuable insights into their subject matter.

Fifth Period (Forensics): Students in the Forensics class will have the privilege of participating in a DNA analysis and forensic analysis of a car crash scenario. This activity will allow them to apply their forensic knowledge to real-world situations, incorporating contextual evidence.

Possible Fourth Period (Earth Science): If added, the Earth Science class will have the opportunity to learn about research with dangerous pathogens, featuring demonstrations in protective "bunny suits." This timely addition aligns with the class's ongoing units on bacteria and viruses.

BioNetwork, through its partnership with North Carolina Community Colleges, generously provides this educational program free of charge to our school. The organization's mission is to inspire a passion for biotechnology and offers professional development opportunities for teachers. Their commitment to empowering educators and students alike is commendable.

Greenfield has participated in several of BioNetwork's teacher professional development opportunities and recognizes the value they bring to science education. We are excited to bring this enriching experience to our students.

For more information about BioNetwork and their educational initiatives, please visit their website at BioNetwork Website.