Dear Greenfield Community,


Today is Veterans Day and we would like to take this special opportunity to shine a spotlight on our very own Greenfield community heroes who have dedicated their lives to serving our nation. Their selfless service has not only made a significant impact on our country but has also enriched our community.


From everyone here at Greenfield, we want you to know that your service has made a profound difference, and we are honored to have you as part of our community.


Thank you for your service:

  • Raymond Burton (Grandfather of Liam Burton)
  • Grady P Davis II (Grandfather of Elizabeth Davis)
  • Larry Gamble (Grandfather of Georgia Gamble)
  • Gary Warren (Grandfather of Maxton and Millie)
  • David White (Grandfather of Emma and Nolan White)
  • Bruce Miller (Father of Austin and Brady Miller)
  • Charles Ellis (Grandfather of Graham and Parker Ellis)
  • Joseph LaMonica (Grandfather of Monica and Ollie Mann)
  • Ken Schell (Grandfather of Brady and Austin Miller)
  • John S. Wright (Grandfather of Adelyn and Noah Wright)
  • Billy Brewer (Family of Mrs. Fulghum)
  • Thomas Gudac (Grandfather of Grace, Blythe, and Henry Gibson)
  • Ricky Morris (Father of Jackson Morris)
  • Bill Strickland (Grandfather of Ethan and Emerson Strickland)
  • Chris Barnes (Father of Emily and William Barnes)
  • David Blackmon (Father of Aidan, Charlie, and Davis Blackmon)
  • Dustin Butcher (Father of Reagan and Abby Butcher)
  • Mark Stamper (Father of Madelyn Stamper)
  • Joseph Brewer III (Grandfather of Addison Brewer)
  • Charles “Earl” Grant (Grandfather of Anna Grace and Gabby Beddingfield)
  • Keith Miller (Grandfather of Brady and Austin Miller)
  • Fredrick Price (Grandfather of Josh Brown and Ethan Carraway) 
  • Gene Allen (Grandfather of Ashton and Michael Edmundson)
  • Pardee Place II (Grandfather of Jackson and Tyler Taranto)
  • Lorenzo Searcy (GFS Staff)
  • Willie Blackwell (GFS Staff)
  • Greg Reagan (Grandfather of Nick Agner)
  • Shannon C. Petersen (Father of Reagan Mae Peterson)
  • John E Nobles III
  • Jordan Meeter
  • Walter Lee Powell Jr.