Introducing Gradelink

 Greenfield School has adopted Gradelink as our student information system (SIS). Gradelink will provide you with a means to stay up to date on your child's current academic progress, homework assignments and attendance. You may also setup email alerts.

 To get started using Gradelink, we will provide you our school's ID number, your username, and your password. Most computers, (either Mac or PC), made within the last 10 years or so should work well with Gradelink. You don't need to install any special software, but make sure your web browser is up to date. Gradelink works well on current versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. 

 We are currently in the implementation stage of the system; thus we are allowing two weeks of acclimation before providing families with access. Our plan is to give you your login information the week of August 29, 2016.