Alexandra Scott Garner receives Janet B. Beaman Academic Scholarship

 Janet B Beaman Academic Scholarship Recipient

It is my pleasure to announce that the second recipient of the Janet B. Beaman Academic Scholarship for the 2017/18 school year at Greenfield School is Alexandra Scott Garner. Alex will be a new student at Greenfield in the ninth grade. She values giving the most effort she can on a task, being able to make decisions on when and when not to do things, and helping others by encouraging them to do their best. Her academic record since the first grade has been stellar, receiving Outstanding Achievement awards in every subject and Honor Roll recognitions each year. Gymnastics classes and competitions were a big part of her life in elementary school and Alex has excelled in cheerleading for the past two years.

One of the letters of reference written for Alex states, "Alex is a quiet and respectful young lady. Her intellectual capabilities, her focus, and her determination will be an inspiration for many. Not only do I think Greenfield will serve her, I think we will be proud to say one day that she chose Greenfield."

Alex hopes to one day own her own business in interior design. Her goals for the next four years are to never stop trying to exceed expectations, to challenge herself to go above and beyond, and to work well in the family atmosphere of Greenfield while being a friend to everyone.

Congratulations Alex and welcome to Greenfield School!