Kel Winstead and Davis Boyd bring home the trophys!

Each spring the 4th graders at Greenfield School enter the Wildlife Forever State-Fish Art Contest. The contest entry consists of two parts: an art illustration of a state fish and a personally written essay about the fish. In art class, Mrs. Stoiber works with the students to illustrate the fish, but the students are responsible for writing the essay portion on their own. Students are given the option to write a poem, story, essay, or any other form of creative writing. The writing selection describes the habitat, behavior, and/or efforts to conserve the fish the students illustrated. The judges are looking for a personal understanding or connection with the students' state fish.

We are pleased to announce that Greenfield School had two essay winners for 2016-2017 school year. Davis Boyd won first place, and Kel Winstead won third place in the writing portion of the contest. These boys were the selected winners in the fourth through sixth grade category for the state of North Carolina. What an accomplishment!

Greenfield School's art department also collaborates with other science and English classes in two additional national contests: The International Fund for Animal Welfare and Save the Frogs.

These programs all have to do with endangered animals and conservation, awareness of air and water pollution, loss of habitat, invasive species, population, and unlawful hunters.