Annual Fund First! Campaign

The Annual Fund campaign is the primary way Greenfield School raises money to fortify our academic, fine arts, and athletic programs.  Gifts to the Annual Fund enable us to enrich and enhance our student’s educational experience through investments in technology, innovative curriculum, and physical assets, as well as professional development for our exceptional faculty. Our primary goal is to establish strong participation from all parents, faculty, staff, board and alumni. 

Each year we ask every member of the Greenfield community, including faculty, staff, board members, current parents, grandparents and alumni to support our mission to the best of their ability with a tax deductible gift to the Annual Fund.  Last year, Annual Fund raised $69,000.  Participation is critical to the success of Annual Fund. Last year, only 19% of our current families participated and 3% of our alumni.  Our Board of Trustees had 100% participation and our faculty and staff reached 45% participation.  Our goal this year is 100% participation from each family, board members, and our faculty/staff.  Collectively from all constituents is a monetary goal of $85,000.  Let’s make this the year “We’re all in” and meet our goals.  Every gift.  Every family.  Every year.

This year we have created a Parent Leadership Council team that will reach out to families in their class to answer any questions you may have about Annual Fund as well as help us meet our 100% parent participation goal.  So now is the time for you to think about the role that Greenfield plays in your life … in your child’s life … and in the life of the Wilson community.  How important is it to you to have this safe, warm, nurturing environment whose primary goal is to educate and develop its students to be the best possible adults that they can be?  Greenfield can continue to thrive ONLY with the support of its families.  YOUR SUPPORT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL TO THE SUCCESS OF GREENFIELD SCHOOL. 

Annual Fund runs through June 30, 2018 BUT if you would like to take advantage of your tax deductible gift for the 2017 tax year, we will need your donation by December 31, 2017.


Remember, the only gift too small is not gift at all!  Thank you for all you do for Greenfield School!