Justin Holland wins Gauss Scholarship

The scholarship committee for the Christopher Gauss Endowed Memorial Scholarship has awarded the 2017-2018 scholarship to freshman, Justin Holland.  This year’s award will be $2,000 scholarship credit towards their tuition for next school year.  Christopher Gauss Endowed Memorial Scholarship committee receives nominations from Greenfield’s faculty and staff based on a number of criteria including academics, community service, athletic participation and must be affable, liked by all, students and teachers alike.  Congratulations Justin!

 Pictured from left to right William Watson Barnes, Jr. (Class of 83), Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gauss (class of 1976 and brother to Christopher Gauss), Justin Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Ruffin (parents of Christopher Gauss) and Dr. Badie T. Clark (class of 1982)