Greenfield School Online Student Center (GSOSS)

This summer, we are pleased to offer what we hope will be a valuable resource to the Greenfield School community. After careful development and planning, we are happy to announce that in anticipation of the 2022-2023 Academic Year, the Greenfield School Online Student Center (GSOSS) will be available to all enrolled students in Middle and Upper School.
The goal of the GSOSS is to provide students and families access to four asynchronous classes that provide additional material and review in Mathematics and English. The purpose of these online courses is simple: we hope to provide students with opportunities to succeed by providing additional review material of core concepts in each subject. 
Each class - named “MS English,” “MS Math,” “US English,” and “US Math” - contains twelve modules that each include a video/audio lecture, practice exercises, and quizzes to help students gauge their progress and understanding. Each module has been designed by Greenfield teachers to specifically target the needs of Greenfield students. We are hoping that many students take advantage of this resource which will help them improve their understanding of the foundational skills in these two core subjects. 
There is no designated meeting time for each of these modules, so students will be able to complete the work at their own pace before school begins. Each course should, on average, take three to four hours to complete. 
Faculty may recommend that students partake in these modules in order to best support our students' growth and capacity to maximize their potential and will be in touch in the coming weeks.
Students will be able to access the material beginning July 1st on Microsoft Teams utilizing their Greenfield School login credentials.
Should students, parents, or families have questions about this program, please contact Mr. Benoit at [email protected]