COVID-19 Information & Resources

Greenfield During COVID-19

Greenfield is deeply committed to staying true to our mission of educating the total student academically, athletically, socially, aesthetically, and morally. The safety of our students and staff is still a top priority. 

All members of the Greenfield community have a right to expect both emotional and physical safety. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this means members of our community can reasonably expect a heightened level of concern for their physical health as well as their social-emotional wellbeing. While it is possible that students, teachers, or staff members will be exposed to COVID-19 in the course of their work or studies, everyone is entitled to expect that every effort and reasonable precaution will be taken to prevent this from happening. 


All interactions with others should be respectful. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this means complying willingly with rules and policies designed to keep our community safe and healthy. This means thinking of others, appreciating that their risk tolerance might be lower than ours, and adjusting our behavior with sensitivity and respect. This means respecting policies and expectations, even when inconvenient. 


As difficult decisions are made regarding masks, distancing, and quarantines, we ask that all members of our community show respect to others by adhering to the following: 

  • Wear masks as required, wash hands frequently, and distance three feet from others when possible 

  • Follow self-screening guidelines for symptoms of illness and stay home when symptomatic 

  • Comply with self-quarantine rules when exposed to COVID-19 

  • Take responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy environment on campus