Knights Shopping Card Program

Knights Shopping Card Program

Greenfield School Tuition Reduction Incentive Plan. Gift cards are purchased through the Shop With Scrip program which provides rebates on all purchases to be issued as a tuition credit or donated to the annual fund.

How does it work?

When you place an order, you pay full face value for the gift cards. A rebate is then issued to the school. We split the rebate with the purchaser (30% Greenfield fundraising: 70% tuition credit/annual fund).  If you order a $100 gift card for Starbucks, you write a check to Greenfield for $100 and get the full value of what you paid. We receive a rebate from the gift card company and split it with you. Starbucks, for example, offers a 9% rebate, so we receive a $9 rebate. What happens to that $9 difference? $2.70 goes to Greenfield fundraising and $6.30 is applied to YOUR account as a tuition credit or to our annual fund as your donation for the year.

And the benefits for participating families are fantastic too:

  • Scrip gift cards are perfect for following a household budget.
  • Families can shop both in-store and/or online with participating retailers.
  • Scrip gift cards are just like using a credit/debit card but without fraud risk.
  • Scrip program earnings are greater than credit card rewards (typically 3 – 15%).
  • Easy Fundraising
  • Tuition Credit
  • This applies to the annual fund


When do I purchase?

 Online orders must be placed and check must be turned in by 9:00 a.m. Wednesday mornings. To order online, go to and set up an account using THE ENROLLMENT CODE FOR GREENFIELD SCHOOL = 44CED77D3739.

When do I pick up my cards?

All orders will be ready for pick up in the main office by Friday morning.  ScripNow! purchases (e-gift cards) will be sent to you via email once your payment has been processed.

Contact Theresa Fulghum at 252.237.8046. Or via email
[email protected]


Here are the instructions on how to download the “Shop with Scrip” mobile website to your phone: 

  • Navigate to using the Safari browser on an iPhone or the Chrome browser on an Android phone.
  • On an iPhone, select the upward arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. Choose "Add to Home Screen", then 'Add'.
  • On Android phones, access the Chrome menu button and select "Add to Home Screen", then 'Add'.
  • Click on the new icon to access the site just as you would to open an app.