Leadership Development Program-Upper School

With the goal of becoming the “training ground for tomorrow’s leaders” in our community, Greenfield School’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) provides each student with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively lead. By encouraging students to take on leadership roles in high school, the LDP builds a solid foundation for future leadership opportunities in college and in future careers.


The goals of the Greenfield School Leadership Development Program include:

  • Enabling students to better understand themselves, as well as their values, talents, and leadership styles
  • Increasing each student’s ability to write and speak effectively and persuasively
  • Enhancing each student’s capacity to understand all sides of an issue and use logic, rationality, and empathy in decision-making.
  • Strengthening college applications and letters of recommendation.


As members of the Greenfield School Leadership Development Program, students are encouraged to be active leaders in their community by:

  • Planning and participating in an annual class retreat
  • Planning and participating in an annual Induction Ceremony
  • Welcoming guest speakers on campus once a quarter
  • Visiting colleges and universities that value Leadership Studies
  • Serving as one of three members of a Student Advisory Board that meets to discuss school initiatives, propose suggestions, and discuss topics/policies.
  • Interning with a business or community leader as a Senior.
  • Leaving a Legacy Project that betters our community


“I can confidently state that I have grown as an individual and as a leader over the course of this school year as a result of my involvement in the Program.”

Brenner Cobb, LDP Steering Committee Student Representative