Greenfield School’s kindergarten is a challenging and exciting transitional year for students. We build upon the foundation that is laid in our preschool and begin to prepare for the rigors of lower school. Our smaller classes lead to increased individualized attention and afford teachers the opportunity to respond to the needs of each child.



We use a hands-on, kinesthetic approach to learning. Our many manipulative activities help foster the love of learning and are used to reinforce our curriculum. We have four main focuses throughout the day: Language Arts, Mathematics, Practical Life, and Unit Study.

Reading and Language Arts


This pivotal year focuses on gaining the many critical skills needed to read and write successfully. We use Open Court which is a phonics-based, comprehensive, and engaging Reading and Language Arts program. It has a structured, prescriptive, and fun platform that's designed to reach all levels of learners. Writing development blends the D’Nealian Handwriting technique with the author’s purpose and brainstorming as well as grammar usage and mechanics.



Mathematics in kindergarten continues to focus on building number sense which essentially refers to a student’s fluidity and flexibility with numbers. Kindergarten at Greenfield uses Math in Focus: Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish. Singapore Math uses a concrete-pictorial-abstract pedagogy with the end goal of being able to problem-solve at the abstract level. Conceptual learning is at the heart of our math instruction and the mastery of concepts is our goal.

Practical Life


Practical Life is a fun-loving, highly sensorial class and is almost always a student’s favorite time of day. Artistic expression is highlighted with painting and crafts. In this busy and productive class, students use everyday tools and activities to practice and hone their fine motor skills. Geography is also introduced in this class. Students focus on learning about the various states that make up America through art, activities, puzzles, songs, and videos.

Unit Study


Through several science and socially minded units of study, in the afternoon students are able to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Our unit studies are introduced through literature and PowerPoint presentations and are reinforced with crafts, music, online videos, and writing activities. Unit studies include; Nutrition, American History, Holidays Around the World, Dinosaurs, Space, The Human Body, Insects, Plants, Birds, Frogs, Dental Health, and Sea Creatures.


Grades K-4 Supply Lists 2023-2024